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Be your own boss and make money from the comfort of your home by enrolling in our online intensive training. It’s a 5-days intensive training on how to make a knotless braided wig on a 2×6 closure. This training will be conducted via the telegram platform. We will require a receipt of payment and your telegram contact phone number as proof of payment before you will be added into the class. The training is going to include detailed video sessions of every step and materials you will need to make a perfect knotless closure braided wig. The good thing about this training is that you can save the videos for a life time.



We offer you the chance to be your boss from the comfort of your home. We will be offering the following trainings in this batch A class:

1. Materials needed to achieve a perfect knotless braidedwig.
2. How to prep your hair extensions and mix colors
3. How to bleach a closure properly.
4. How to custom-make a braidedwig using a client’s hair exact measurement.
5. Techniques in sewing your closure to your dome mesh cap.
6. How to secure your dome mesh cap on your mannequin.
7. Different techniques in holding down your manniquin head.
8. How to braid on the dome mesh cap.
9. How to line the closure.
10. How to trim the braids
11. Techniques in soaking the wigs in hot water.
12. How to dry the braided wigs.
13. How to add hair clips and elastic bands to the wig
14. How to package your braided wigs for shipments.
15. Extra tips:
a. How to differentiate between Nigerian and Chinese closures( which is preferable?).
b. How to sell your braided wigs from home.
c. Best seating postion for braiders.

You will be given a first-hand step-by-step beginner’s guide on making a perfect closure knotless braidedwig.

Instructions for this training are as follows:
1. Provide your current telegram contact number in the tab when adding the training to the cart. If you do not have telegram app on your device, please go to your various stores, playstore, appstore and so on. For your windows devices, android or ios devices
2. For this online training, you will need the following materials.
a. Tripod stand.
b. Mannequin.
c. Hair clips.
d. Elastic bands.
d. Dome Mesh caps (either size s,m or l depending on your head size).
e. Hair extensions (any colour of your choice).
f. Scissors.
g. Shine n Jam (conditioning gel extra hold).
h. Hair pins.
i. Measurement tape.
j. Bleaching powder.
k. Developer( any brand is fine, but 30 developer is preferred).
l. Oil Sheen
m. Hair cream.


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