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Hairstyle Ideas for New Age Women

all back ghana weaving Brenna

Every modern woman knows the importance of looking attractive. The goal is to make good money, look fabulous and maintain your beauty! But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that beauty and fashion require time, money, and effort. You have to make out time to get your hair done, do your nails, maintain that skin glow, and live the baby girl life. You also need the right products too, affordable and classy. There’s no shortcut to this beauty thing. Or is there?
What if you could look effortlessly cheek without breaking a sweat? Some say beauty lies in the hair, and girl, they were right! But there are days when you barely have enough time to get yourself together, do your makeup or pick out a smashing outfit. And what happens if you’re just not in the mood? It’s also possible you’re not even into makeup at all! Then we have the perfect solution. All you need is the right hairstyle to give you the perfect look.
A great hairstyle can turn even the most basic look into something classy. On the other hand, a bad hairstyle can make the most beautiful makeup look incomplete. Even if you’re going for a simple look with no makeup, failing to pay attention to your hair could ruin your entire look. It’s why women all over the world spend lots of money on hair products and hair extensions!

Great Hairstyle Options
Knotless Braided Wig

When choosing a hairstyle, you need to pick one that protects your natural hair, depending on your type of hair. For instance, if you’ve got dry hair, you might want a hairstyle that allows you to oil your scalp from time to time. It’s also good to pick a style that’s not too expensive to maintain unless you’ve got a big budget for hair maintenance. Moreover, you need something that can be easily restyled to suit any occasion, whether it’s for work or a social gathering. And most importantly, it must be a hairstyle you’re comfortable in. After all, it makes no sense to spend your money on something that brings you discomfort. Don’t you agree?
Now, we made out time to select some of the best hairstyles we think would look good on you. Depending on your budget, and your hair texture. Check out the options we recommend.

1. Ponytails:
Ponytails Braided wig

One of the most annoying feelings ever is having hair get into your face all the time, especially when you need to get a job done. The ponytail is such a simple hairstyle that helps you get straight to work with no hair distractions. It also means less time spent on hairstyling. It is simple to make, easy to maintain, and gives a good opportunity for you to have eye contact with others. You could also use it to give a face a slightly different shape, depending on how you choose to style your ponytail. But note that you shouldn’t leave your hair in a tight ponytail for too long, as it could affect your edges.
However, just because it’s a simple hairstyle doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous! Celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce have slain several looks wearing ponytails. You could choose to wear a high ponytail or a low one. You could also soften your look a little with bangs, or apply some hair gel to your edges to give you baby hair. Either way, a ponytail is a great choice for both a simple look and a sophisticated one. Check out this amazing ponytail braid here.

2. Big Afro:
Chimanda Ngozi Adiche on Big Afro

Although afro hairstyles were more common back in the 70’s, they never fully faded off. With more black women returning to their natural hair roots, afro hair has become more popular, even among celebrities like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. If you’re looking for a bolder look, afro hair is definitely a great option. You can make a variety of hairstyles to capture the attention of your audience. It is soft, yet makes you look confident, natural, and feminine.
Do note that afro hair takes some effort to maintain. If you fail to use the right products and maintain them regularly, it could lead to hair breakage. One way to prevent this is to use afro wigs instead. Afro wigs can come as synthetic wigs or human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs are a cheaper option if you’re working on a tight budget. Although they have a shorter life span, they still provide great comfort and can last long due to good maintenance.
Human hair afro wigs usually have a softer texture and higher lifespan. Although they are more expensive, you get good value for your money, especially if you give proper maintenance. Lastly, most afro wigs, whether synthetic or human hair wigs, usually come with a lace closure or lace frontal. Some even come with a human hair 360 frontal to give a more natural effect. Whatever the case, an afro wig is definitely a great way to add style to your look.

3. Wavy Hair:
Kotless Braid with curl

If you’re looking to be easily spotted in the crowd, then you should try wavy hair! For some reason, a lot of people find women with wavy hair really attractive. It frames your face perfectly, leaving a few cute areas such as your cheeks, your eyes, your lips, and your chin. It’s the perfect blend of a soft natural look and a serious professional look. Not only does it suit any occasion, but it also accommodates different colors.
Most human hair bundles nowadays are usually either straight, curly, or wavy. Wavy hair can easily be straightened or curled further. For wavy human hair wigs, you need a curling iron to maintain the waves, but the waves should ultimately last for some time before you have to curl them again. Like every other hair type, good maintenance is a strong factor to determine how long your wig lasts.

3. Deep Curls:
Deep Curl Braided Wigs

If your aim is to look cute with little effort, then curly hair is definitely a great choice. Whether your aim is to look bare-faced and natural, or you intend to have a lot of makeup on, curly hair gives a full but soft and unassuming look that’s just really attractive. Whether long or short, curly hair has a sexy side to it without really trying, unlike other hairstyles.
Another great thing about curly hair is that it requires less styling, combing, or brushing. So if you’re always in a hurry in the morning, curly hair could do wonders for your look. Curly hair wigs usually have a lot of volumes, giving you a full look. Though it may require more expensive products to maintain those shiny and lustrous curls, the outcome is usually worth it in the long run.

4. Bob:
Bob Braided wig

There’s something incredibly amazing about Bob hairstyles. It’s one of the things that make Keri Hilson’s look in Neyo’s Miss Independent video so iconic. Bob hairstyles provide a wide variety of options. Whether with a C curve, a side part, a middle part or a full-frontal, Bob hairstyles bring sophistication!
If you’re a fan of short hair, then bob should be your go-to hairstyle. Bob wigs are classy and exude poise, regardless of their color. You could rock your bob hair with bangs, with lace closure, or a full lace frontal. What more can a woman ask for?

5. Braids:
Nano Braided wig

Although other hairstyles are great, we believe braids give certain originality that’s just rare. Braiding your hair draws more attention to your face, highlighting your beauty and complimenting your skin perfectly. Although they originated from the black culture, they look so good that several women of other races now wear them. Even non-black celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Adele, and other fashion icons have rocked braids on different occasions.
Braiding your hair is also healthy because it keeps your hair moisturized for longer periods. It prevents hair dryness and ultimately could help your hair grow. Besides, by preventing your hair from being too dry, it means less hair breakage for you. Also, braiding your hair means you no longer have to deal with tangled hair, and your hair suffers less friction from your bed sheets or pillowcase when you sleep.
Braids also give several styling options! You could pack your braids in a ponytail, and probably leave out one or two strands, just for aesthetics. You could also make short braids like a bob, twist or knotless braids, and so on. If you have an afro or natural kinky hair, you could make beautiful cornrows that last really long. The options are numerous. Braids also have varieties of colors that give you room to be creative about your looks.
More importantly, braids are easy to maintain. There’s no need for combing, constant heating, or curling. They also allow your scalp to receive enough air and give you room to apply essential hair oils. Moreover, braids give you a lot more room for hair accessories. From beads to hairpins, to colorful hair threads and ribbons, you name it. Braids remain a full option hairstyle!

What’s the Deal with Wigs?
Knotless Braided wig

Like we said earlier, there are some days when you might not be in the mood to put too much effort into your looks. I mean let’s face it, not every day is a great day. It could be due to a mood swing, the heavy workload at the office or home, or something else. Well, whatever the case may be, you still need to look good! So why not save yourself the trouble and get great wigs?
Now one fact about wigs is, they’re everywhere! From fiber wigs, human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, and braided wigs. Talk about hair options! Wigs also help you switch up your look at the snap of your finger. One minute you’ve got wavy hair on, the next minute you’re looking sophisticated in a bob wig. It doesn’t get better than that. Besides, using wigs helps you protect your natural hair. There’s less combing, styling, heating, or washing of your natural hair. This way, you put less pressure on your real hair, and you never have to worry about your actual hair getting wet on a rainy day!
Wigs also save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Even though they require constant maintenance, they’re no different from your normal hair care routine. In fact, maintaining your wig is even cheaper if you consider the time and energy it saves you. It also requires less washing, drying, and straightening than your normal hair. With great wigs, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day in your book!

Why Braided Wigs?

As you’ve seen earlier, you can get a lot of benefits from wearing wigs. One particular wig you can really enjoy is the braided wig. We also mentioned some of the benefits of wearing braids. Ranging from different styling options, access to fresh, protective hairstyles, air, and room to oil your scalp, keeping moisture in your hair, different color options, and so on. We can even say that wearing braids is the real deal!
However, one downside to plaiting braids is that it takes time. And to a boss lady, time is money! Besides, who wants to keep spending so much money on attachments and hair extensions that cannot be reused? With the increasing prices of commodities, is this a smart financial decision? Also, if you’re a black woman, you know that making braids too many times can damage your hair. We all know how demanding afro hair texture can be. It’s easy to break, but difficult to grow back. How frustrating!
Another downside to braiding your hair, especially if you have long silky hair, is that wearing tight braids for too long can strain your hair and cause hair loss. It could also put some strain on your scalp and lead to permanent hair loss. So while braiding your hair can look really cute, it’s advisable for you to wear braids in moderation. Consider your hair texture and know-how suitable it is for you to make braids. Either way, braids shouldn’t be made all the time to avoid hair damage.
Nevertheless, these things shouldn’t deny us the pleasure of looking stunning in braids, should they? So what option do you have? Braided wigs my darling! With the right product, a braided wig can breathe life into your look. It could be short braids, long braids, Ghana weaving, Kinky braids, Knotless braids, Twist Braids, Nano braids, and so on. You have so many great options. They come in varying colors and are suitable for any occasion. Also, some of them come attached with hair accessories like headbands, hairpins, or beads, giving you a little extra edge.

What to Consider When Shopping for Braided Wigs
lace types fake and normal wig scalp

When shopping for braided wigs, the material for the lace frontal is important. You need a lace material that looks natural and blends with your scalp. It should also be durable to ensure that your wig lasts. Moreover, the attachment used in making the braids must be easy to maintain, and the braids neatly plaited. Besides, a lace frontal with baby hair is a plus. You can apply some edge control or hair gel to it, making it look more natural and beautiful.
Lastly, you do not want a braided wig that is too heavy. A good braided wig should have just the right volume to give you a full look. Since you can easily take it off at the end of the day, it is a great advantage compared to braiding your actual hair. Despite this, you need a braided wig that is comfortable to wear. You shouldn’t spend money on a product that causes you discomfort. After all, you deserve to relax and be taken care of.

Where to Buy Quality Braided Wigs
Vintage Hairs

To get quality braided wigs at affordable prices, try buying braided wigs in Nigeria. Several online and physical stores have different types of braided wigs. This includes knotless braids, glueless braided wigs, braided wigs with 360 full lace frontal, braided wigs with lace closure, braided wigs with baby hair frontal, full lace braided wigs, etc. Aside from these options, these wigs are easy to maintain, have durable braided wig caps, and are sold at pocket-friendly prices.
You could also buy braided wigs in Ghana, or Kenya. Either way, you have several options to purchase quality braided wigs. One of such options is at Vintage Hairs

It’s the year 2021 and women are changing the game. In Fashion, business, home management, and lifestyle, more women are living life on their terms. And why not? Who says women can’t be smart, beautiful, fashionable and business inclined all in one?
We at Vintage Hairs believe pain shouldn’t discourage a woman from looking classy. Braided wigs are the new normal, and we offer the most beautiful collection of braided wigs to amazing women across the globe. Wouldn’t you like to join the Vintage Hair Tribe? Your beauty is our business, and we have made it our personal goal to keep you looking smart, confident, and beautiful in our luxurious braided wigs. All at the most affordable prices!
Visit our website here to order the best-braided wigs your money can buy. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on all social media platforms for more fashion tips.
You deserve nothing less than the best, and Vintage Hairs has got you covered. Grab the best hair deals now!

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