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About Us

We are an Online Store of Custom Braided Wigs, Top Quality Hair & Hair Extensions, Accessories & Skin Care Products. Our Products are Carefully Crafted in Different Styles, Colors & Length

Our Story

Vintage Hairs started with a mission: to inspire and impact the world with beauty, style, and purpose.

Ideas are born out of problems. Ours was straightforward: Braids in salon take hours and are expensive to make and maintain every month.

When our founder relocated from Nigeria to Odessa/Midland for an international assignment, she couldn’t afford to get her hair braided every month at $200 to $500 and still spend hours at the salon getting tucked. The cost of maintaining her hair per year was so high she had to cut it short. (We don’t recommend this.)
CEO: Vintage Hairs

Over time, the need to look different from low cut became high. That was when she reached out to other women like her and learnt they had similar experiences. She was amazed at how hard it was to find a replacement aside from the usual human and synthetic hairs. At the time, there were others selling braided wigs however they didn’t produce wigs that match the quality of wigs she could wear confidently. Where were the options?

There’s a simple explanation for it. With the hair industry including human hair, synthetic hair, braid extension and now machine braided wigs dominated by Asians, there has been limited exposure and patronage of AFRICAN BRAIDS thereby limiting the sales of African braids in the international market. 

These Asians don’t produce these wigs by patronizing or employing skilled African women thereby taking food away from the hardworking skilled African women and the revenue that ordinarily should be utilized in developing African skills. Africans should patronize Africans just as Asians do theirs. Braided wig is and should be dominated by Africans because it is identified with Africans. We should earn and take the revenue and glory just the way they are taking that of human hair and hair extensions.

Now by circumventing traditional visits to the salon, engaging with friends and clients directly and by engaging these skilled women we are able to provide higher-quality, better-looking braided wigs at a good price. 

We believe that making your hair should be easy, fun and without pain. It should leave you happy and good-looking, with money in your pocket.

In a third world country like Nigeria, we are forever asking how we can do more and make a meaningful impact; that starts by reimagining everything that a company and business can be. Our goal is to show that a business can scale, be profitable, and impact people’s lives by using some percentage of each wig unit sold to touch lives. 

This is why we are also concerned about the poverty, hardship and hunger rate in Nigeria. Nigeria was ranked 2nd poorest in food affordability globally by the Institute of Development Studies, United Kingdom. A report by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS) detailing poverty and inequality from September, 2018 to October, 2020, disclosed that 40% of the populace or 82 million Nigerians live below the international poverty line of $1.90 daily, whilst another 25% or 53 million people are vulnerable. Strongly correlating with ascending malnourishment, food insecurity makes living hellish for the underprivileged. 

This is why the team at Vintage Hairs has learnt that, to make an impact in the lives of 82 million hungry Nigerians, we need to donate and dedicate 10 percent of our sales to Vintage Foundation – a food bank initiative developed to help eradicate hunger crisis in Nigeria. We also understand that it takes courage, creativity, teamwork and empathy to impact lives and make a difference in the world. 

At Vintage Hairs, we don’t just care about Braided Wigs and recording  profits. We are an extension of humanity’s appeal for compassion as we tap the untapped skills of the rural women and support the vulnerable in our society for a better life. 

Therefore, when you shop at Vintage Hairs, we utilize 10 percent of your order cost to boost our foodbank initiatives in Nigeria. This is how we intend to give back to our community. 

Hence THE MORE WIGS YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU CONTRIBUTE TO OUR CAUSE…Together we can put a smile 😊 on many faces.

What sets us aside from other braiding companies and why should you shop with us 

  • Our business is legally registered in the US 
  • The quantity of ready to ship wigs available 
  • Our quality control process 
  • Fast delivery time
  • Our feed the poor initiative 
  • Store on Shopify and Etsy 
  • The secure payment gateways integrated in our website 
  • Reduce wait period due to the high number of locals working with us 
  • Increased employment and guaranteed career path women and widows in rural communities
We humbly urge you to make your orders for our lovely realistic braided and human hair wigs taking into consideration the effects of prolonged braiding; the cost of braiding every month and the number of painful and enduring hours you spend in the salon. We promise to exceed your expectations.

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