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7 Hairstyles For Celebrity Look You Must Have Too


It is a very common phrase that ‘The beauty of a woman starts from her hair.’ Are you looking for the perfect hairstyle this new year? Then great! I got you covered.

A good number of women have opted for getting braided wigs in their preferred styles. Join me, let’s take a walk further, and check out the list Vintage Hairs have made for you.

Hairstyles For Celebrity Look
Banana cornrows (Ghana weaving)
The popular hairstyle known as ghana weaving involves the use of extensions (attachments, wool, kinky, etc). It is plaited beautifully by adding more extension as you continue to weave; so as to make the braids look bigger.
Some celebrities that rock these hairstyles include;

vintage hairs ghana weaving, arya staa   Arya starr Aryan stark Stark

Michelle Gentry

Box Braids
As the name implies, Box braid is a type of hair braiding style that is plaited dividing the natural hair into square-shaped or boxy division.

It is popular amongst African people and has been dated as far back as 3500 B.C. in South Africa. Today, we all love box braids because of the significant and beautiful look it gives. Celebrities like Jhene Aliko and Zendeya all wear hairstyle with confidence. Now it’s also amazing to let you know; you can rock this hairstyle without having to sit for hours wondering when you would get back home and the likes of it. Vintage hairs, the dealer of all kinds of quality braided wigs is only a click away.

jhene Aliko

Jhene Aliko and Dreadlocks and Fauxlocs

Oh hello, Want to get on the Rastafarians, Jamaican vibe this year?

Originated from Africa, Jamaica to be precise Locs has been a hairstyle with an identity. Dating back to 2500 B.C.

The Locs hairstyle has never failed to fit anyone despite your complexion, face type, or hair type even. It’s a fit for all and a run-to when looking for that exact hairstyle to make you look twice as beautiful.

rihana, locs


Here you go, grab the moment to get a celebrity look, get Rihanna’s look.

Knotless Braids

rihana knotless braided wig


The knotless braid is another time-consuming hairstyle. It’s plaited in very tiny cuts and made to be usually long. It’s a popular hairstyle amongst young ladies. It’s also available in wigs for those who can not take the risk to sit for too long due to their schedule, health, children, etc. Check out Diana Eneje look on Knotless Braid

diana eneje, knotless braid

Bob Braids

Bob braids is another beautiful hairstyle that brings out the beauty in us. It is made shorter than the usual braids and can be identified using adornments like beads, cowries, hair clips, etc.

ZendayaAbiodun Fringe Curly Tips

Senegalese Twist

This is a very tiny twist hairstyle made in a beautiful pattern. As the name suggests, its origin is traced to Senegal, Africa.
This hairstyle is plaited in very tiny cuts and made to be very full, depending on how you want it. It takes between 6-8 hours to get a complete Senegalese twist done and that is why people opt for Senegalese twist wig.

genevieve nnaji on twist braid

Genevieve Nnaji

Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids may just be another name for ‘big box braids.’ It is an easy yet attractive hairstyle that gives a fit to anyone. Big, jumbo braids are easy to style and don’t take a long time to finish.

Adesua etomi willinton on box braid

Adesua Etomi Wellington

You do not want to look bad in the year 2022, do you? So how about we help you achieve that good look you so desire here at vintage hairs?

Click here to see the different wig hairstyles you can go on. Remember, elegance is everything and here at Vintage hairs we give you everything classy to make you elegant.

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